Izhar achieved over Ten million safe man hours

Congratulations to Dolmen mall site of Izhar Group, for achieving over Ten million safe man hours without a recordable incident.

Its Izhar’s commitment to build a strong culture of putting safety first and prioritizing the wellbeing of customers and employees above all else.

A huge well done to every employee for their hard and diligent work in helping to achieve this milestone!

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Local Development of Pakistan’s 1st Rotary Parking System.

Izhar Group proudly announce that after continuous R & D, our engineering department has now successfully designed, manufactured and installed Pakistan’s 1st Rotary Parking system, locally fabricated in our fabrication facility at Lahore.

We took initiative to develop this state of the art technology which is steadily gaining buzzworthy status in the market as a trusted automated parking solution. The technology has the potential to overcome the space related challenges, runs trouble-free and generates lower operating costs compared to conventional parking.

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DGKC Co, Izhar Construction installing largest cement plant

CPEC is a strategic game changer for Pakistan. This economic corridor is intended to rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistan’s infrastructure, as well as deepen and broaden economic links with China. Considering the geostrategic impact of CPEC, Dera Ghazi Khan Cement Company, in collaboration with M/s IZHAR Construction Pvt Ltd, is installing a new state-of-the-art and the largest cement plant in Pakistan having capacity of 9,000 TPD (tons per day) in Balochistan (Hub).

M/s IZHAR is carrying out all the civil work for this mega project. Not just that, in this very project, IZHAR has remarkably redefined the concept of state-of-the-art and brisk construction by carrying out single largest concrete pour of quantity 7,752 m3 in just 48 hours.

Furthermore, the construction of 35% of cement, sugar and textile industries in Pakistan is another feather in IZHAR’s cap that sets it apart in brilliance and commitment to build a strong Pakistan.

IZHAR is thriving hard by leaps and bounds to deliver the project before time and to alleviate the graph of construction in an area that can not only improve Pakistan’s current position, but promises to improve the lives of billions of people across the region. IZHAR believes the endless possibilities that CPEC offers will help Pakistan revive its once strong economy by bringing back the foreign investors.

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Installation of Pakistan’s 1st rotary parking system.

At Izhar we are always looking forward towards new solutions and innovations to overcome various space related challenges. In this regard we are introducing a new system to improve mobility by making parking as quick, convenient and efficient as possible within the minimum space.

As our commitment to bring about new techniques and innovations in the industry, Izhar has installed yet another parking solution, which is Pakistan’s 1st rotary parking system.

We are proud to have successfully installed this modern and fully automated parking facility at Lahore Head Office. We are sure that this state of the art parking system will bring a revolutionary change in the industry.

Mr. Mahboob Nasir Izhar, Director Izhar Group on this occasion commented “Everybody who manages a new building – local authorities, universities, private developers, corporations – all stand to benefit from this significant step forward in the use of technology. Many of them are talking to us already about this innovative practice.”

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Izhar celebrates completion of Steel Structures at Nishat Emporium

Izhar has successfully executed Steel Structure for one of Lahore’s largest and most speculative Emporium Mall Building near Expo Center, Johar Town.

Scope of construction includes Shop drawings, Detailing, Design overview, Fabrication & Erection of (2,166 M. ton) roof of Banquet Hall, Food Court, Cineplex and steel bridges..

Throughout all phases of the project, from early integrated design phase services, through erection and after completion, Izhar utilized industry-leading construction techniques and the most sophisticated technology tools to deliver the highest quality, job-site safety and ultimately, the best value.

In addition, the safety performance by the workforce on the project was fantastic with zero recordable injuries.

We’re proud to be one of the construction company involved in construction of Lahore’s most innovative and admired business destinations.

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6-Storey parking facility – Inauguration

Inauguration ceremony of 6 storeyed computerized parking facility was held at Izhar Head Office. It is first of its kind parking facility in Modular Steel Construction, which has the capacity to holds upto 24 Vehicles.

The main objective for this purpose built parking facility was to optimize the space utilization by designing maximum number of vehicles in a limited space.

With our highly skilled engineering workforce and a great deal of automation, modules were finished very quickly. At the building site, our work was more assembly than construction. Modules were fixed together by skilled erectors, making completion much faster than conventional means.

Group Chairman, Mr. Ayub S. Izhar shared his views and expressed that “this is the first step and we will always strive to do better and bring new techniques and innovations in the industry.”

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