About Us | History

IZHAR GROUP was established in 1959 by Engineer lzhar Ahmad Qureshi who was highly regarded amongst the veteran engineer’s community of Pakistan. Since its inception, the Group has now moved in 7th decade of successful innovative Construction Operations. The legendary contributions of Mr. lzhar in the arena of Engineering and Construction has progressed IZHAR GROUP into a multifaceted organization having an authority over innovative cum economical building solutions and cherishes successful completion of numerous large infrastructures, industrial, commercial, educational, and other development projects to its credit. We take pride in pioneering/ introducing Precast and Pre-stressed Concrete Solutions in Pakistan. Our innovative techniques have continued to gain momentous popularity year after year and we are producing a wide variety of high-quality pre-cast / pre-stressed structural concrete members to the entire satisfaction of our valued customers. The addition of pre-fabricated steel buildings, Electro mechanical Services and Izhar Housing to our portfolio over the years has not only revolutionized the construction sector but has cemented our supremacy of being the largest Multidimensional Engineering entity of Pakistan. Alhamdollillah, Today Izhar Group of companies is in the third generation of its commercial operations that is committed to deliver quality products, safely on time at a good value. Over the decades, Izhar Group is known for its commitment, consistent performance, norms and excellence thereby playing our part in the National Growth.