Security Barier

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Security Barier

Izhar Concrete (Pvt) Ltd. is known to provide a variety of customized solutions to its clients and we have produced and supplied a wide range of barriers till today. You can use our concrete barriers for all sorts of different projects including site security from unwanted trespassers or travellers, managing traffic during temporary roadside construction work or ensuring public safety during various building projects.. We are more than happy to utilise the vast experience we have gathered over the years to provide you with reliable advice regarding your solution.

Double Tee Section


  1. High quality protection
  2. Different ranges of height and size
  3. Simple & Rapid installation
  4. Easily manoeuvrable with machinery
  1. Temporary and permanent barriers
  2. Cost effective
  3. Rapidly available
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Military facilities as perimeter fencing
Power Stations as perimeter defence
No go areas as perimeter defence
Hotel and stadium protection
Schools & Universities
Govt. / Private offices
Housing Societies
Secure, temporary road closures
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