Pavers & Blocks

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Pavers & Blocks

Izhar Concrete (Pvt) Ltd, manufacture a large range of concrete block paving suited to any project, from domestic gardens and driveways, to commercial car parks and public areas. Izhar Pavers are trendy and durable, interlocking blocks having both functional and decorative purpose. These are available in variety of shapes and color to add a touch of class to your offices, commercial and residential buildings, airport terminals, recreational areas, bus bays and many other suitable surroundings. With more than 55 years of experience in producing superior quality concrete products, we now bring you the Izhar range of block paving bricks for that “perfect finish”.

Standard Pavers & Blocks Section


  1. High strength & long life
  2. Skid resistance
  3. Resistance to acid & petroleum products
  4. No curing period, use as soon as laid
  1. High quality finish
  2. Cost effective
  3. Neat & consistent overall appearance


Private or Commercial Parking
Housing Societies
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