Girder Slab Roof

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Girder Slab Roof

Izhar Concrete (Pvt) Ltd. is proud to be a pioneer in producing a widely popular system of Low-Cost Precast & Prestressed Concrete construction of roofs and of inter-floors etc. which has proved its economy, convenience, speedy building construction and good quality of work. The system has two components i.e. R.C.C. Precast Slabs and Precast Prestressed Girders. We are the largest single company engaged in the manufacturing of pre-cast and prestressed concrete products of widest range and variety in Pakistan.

Girder Slab Section

Load Chart


  1. Time is substantially reduced
  2. Different range of sizes for various spans
  3. Simple & Rapid installation
  1. Reduces on-site wet works
  2. Cost effective


Schools & Universities
Parking areas
Dairy Farms
Poultry Farms
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