Hollow Core Roof

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Hollow Core

To its tradition, Izhar Concrete (Pvt) Ltd. now adds to its diverse product range another construction solution Hollow Core Pre-Cast Pre-Stressed Planks which are unrivalled in the entire construction industry of Pakistan. Hollow Core Planks are a perfect choice for the most advanced building techniques.
Precast concrete Hollow-Core slabs have been accepted for many years as part of building units which give remarkable structural strength and a high quality roof finish. In building, such as warehouses and garages, hollow core top class lower finish surface gives an attractive appearance. Painting is the only finish required producing a high quality ceiling surface. Smooth and well finish roof surface doesn’t require plaster which is essential part of R.C.C. roof.

Standard Hollow Core Section

Load Charts


  1. Rapid Installation
  2. Fire Resistant
  3. Cost effective
  4. Heat Insulation
  1. Smooth Finished Surface
  2. Sound Proofing
  3. Structural Soundness
  4. Modular Construction


Parking Garage Decks
Roof Structures
Floor Structures
Multi-Storey houses & commercial buildings
Warehouses & Godowns
Office buildings
Airport Terminals
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